Will any parking closures or disruptions affect visiting Sunset Point Park during construction?

    The existing gravel parking area at the far east end of Sunset Point Park will be closed to the public during construction.  The paved parking areas along the remainder of Sunset Point Park will remain open and available to the public.

    Will the trails located in Sunset Point Park be affected during the construction of the WTP?

    The existing trail entrance at the south side of the Water Treatment Plant across from Simcoe Street will be closed, and the trail along the shore around the existing WTP will remain closed up to approximately where Raglan Street turns left and into St Lawrence Street.   This section of the trail will remain closed for the duration of the construction. Trial closed signs and barricades will be in place.

    Will there be any service disruptions to water service during construction?


    During construction there may be times when the WTP is taken offline to allow for specific works to be completed.  These shutdowns will be limited in duration such that the water stored in the system (water tower, reservoirs) will support user demands.  Users should not see any disruption to water supply. 

    When will the project be complete?

    The current schedule projects additional water supply to be online in late 2029.  Full completion of the construction on site will follow in 2031. 

    Is there anything in the contract about possible cost overruns? And in the event who pays?

    The contract includes cash allowances, provisional and contingency allowances.  These amounts were dictated in the tender documents with the advice of the design consultants and were included in the total bid price.  The intent is that these amounts would be used to address potential cost over runs. 

    Will building permits and/or development applications be affected by the construction of the WTP?

    While the WTP is under construction, building permits and development applications will continue to be processed with servicing allocation decisions being made by Council in accordance with the Town’s Servicing Capacity Allocation Policy (SCAP) based on available servicing capacity