What are the goals of the update?

o  To integrate the content of other Town plans that have recently been approved or are soon to be approved with the Official Plan.

o  Add content into the Official Plan that is in line with recent changes to the planning system made by the Provincial government.

o  Make overall updates to the Official Plan to provide Council will the tools they need to manage and adjust to growth in the community.

How does the Official Plan get updated?

The process to review the Official Plan will take about 12-18 months and has six phases:

1) Start Up

2) Community Visioning/Information Gathering

3) Background Studies and Discussion Papers

4) Directions and Recommendations

5) Draft Official Plan

6) Council Approval

See "Where are we in the process?" on the main page for which phase of the update that the project is currently in. 

How do other Town plans work with the Official plan?

What’s Collingwood’s allocated population for 2031?

The population and jobs directed to the Town of Collingwood by Simcoe County under direction of the Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe is 33,400 residents and 13,500 jobs. Population and jobs numbers to 2041 is anticipated in a few years.