Policy Objectives set by Council

    Mandatory Town Policy Objectives.  

    • The decision must be fiscally responsible.
    • Provides and welcomes public access to the waterfront and retains significant public green space.
    • Respects and celebrates the historic significance of the Terminals and the Shipyards, including maintenance of or tribute to the iconic resemblance of the Terminals.
    • Provides a long-term sense of community with an approach that brings people together.
    • Proposes a role for the Town that is appropriate for a municipality (for example providing public services not running a commercial operation).
    • Uses a decision approach that is transparent and clear. Where Council is confident in the information supporting their votes, the challenges and options are communicated to the public, and where the decision is generally understood and accepted by the public in Collingwood.
    • Does not detract from the Vision and Goals articulated in Collingwood’s Community Based Strategic Plan and Waterfront Master Plan

     Desired Town Policy Objectives.  

    • Retains the visual façade of the Terminals.
    • Supports Collingwood’s Community Based Strategic Plan and Waterfront Master Plan Objectives and services or opportunities that will be enjoyed by and/or support Town residents, businesses and/or visitors.
    • Decision is completed during this term of Council.
    • Retains most of the Spit in Town ownership, in particular the area outside of the current physical footprint of the Terminals and a reasonable perimeter around it.
    • In line with the common aesthetic of Collingwood.
    • The Town’s expenditures are limited to supporting the decision process and staff time, and delivery attracts contributions from others, including other levels of government and or donors.