April 19 → May 19 2024

Resident and Industry Survey

Launch of Resident and Industry Survey. The survey will close May 19th 2024.

April 22 → May 12 2024

Key Informant Interviews

Between fifteen and twenty key informant interviews will be conducted between April 22nd and May 12th, 2024.

May 13 2024

Industry Table Talks

Two industry table talks will be conducted on April 13th, 2024. Each session will comprise of eight to ten participants.

May 14 2024

Community Focus Groups

Two community focus group sessions (10am and 5pm) will be conducted on May 14th, each comprising of eight residents.

August 07 2024

Draft Presentation Report

Bannikin will present the draft Tourism Master Plan.

September 2024

Presentation to Council

The Town of Collingwood's Tourism Master Plan will be presented to Committee of the Whole and Council for final review and approval.