What is Collingwood’s Community Based Strategic Plan?

    The Community Based Strategic Plan for 2024-2028 will serve as a roadmap for the Town of Collingwood’s future. It will outline our community's strategic vision, values, and strategic priorities for the coming years. It will act as a guide for decision-making and resource allocation and help to build consensus among Council, staff, and the community about where we are headed and how we will get there.

    What’s the point of a Strategic Plan?

    Each municipality faces decisions on which services to provide, what infrastructure to construct, and where to allocate resources. Strategic planning helps guide these decisions by setting out a municipality’s top priorities and the steps involved to reach them. This is a key reason why many local governments engage in these priority-setting exercises, often in consultation with elected officials, municipal staff, and community members. Strategic planning is a best practice in many sectors, including the public, private and non-profit sectors.

    The Town of Collingwood already has a strategic plan, so why is a new version being created?

    Since the creation of our last strategic plan in June 2020, much has changed. In view of the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and the election of a new Council in October 2022, it is timely to initiate a new strategic planning process to revisit the Town’s priorities and make sure we continue to be responsive to the needs of our community.

    Our new Community Based Strategic Plan will be an evolution of the Town’s existing 2020-2023 Community Based Strategic Plan, with many of the priorities of the earlier plan continuing to be top-of-mind. But we also want to ensure that our new Plan reflects the issues, concerns, and opportunities of the current moment as we plan for what’s ahead for our community.

    How is the Community Based Strategic Plan related to other plans and studies?

    The Community Based Strategic Plan lays out Collingwood’s overarching strategic vision and priorities, acting as a guiding document for our community's future. It is closely linked with other Town plans and studies (e.g., Official Plan), which focus on specific areas and are critical to ensuring that the goals outlined in the Strategic Plan are effectively translated into action.

    Following finalization of the Community Based Strategic Plan, the Town will begin the creation of a Downtown Master Plan, including a vision for our downtown core and key priorities.

    How will the Community Based Strategic Plan be developed?

    The creation of the Community Based Strategic Plan will be a collaborative effort between Town Council, the Strategic Plan Steering Committee, Town staff, residents, businesses, and other community groups. These stakeholders will be consulted on several occasions through different engagement channels and methods. We look forward to hearing from everyone through the process!

    How can community members get involved?

    There will be a number of exciting opportunities for community members to get involved in this Plan.

    Come and join us at our pop-events in December:

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