What is a Bicycle Priority Street?

    A Bicycle Priority Street is a street with low motorized traffic volumes and speeds, designated and designed to give bicycle travel priority over vehicles. The objective is to reduce speeds and volumes along the corridor making it a more attractive route for cyclists. Bicycle Priority Streets use signs, pavement markings, speed, and volume management measures to discourage through trips by motor vehicles along a road to create safe and convenient cycling corridors. Intersections are redesigned using physical barriers to prevent traffic from using a corridor as a through street; in this case the intersections along Maple Street would be reconfigured so that vehicles cannot drive the full length from 3rd Street to Campbell Street. Residents along Maple Street would still have access to their residences via adjacent east west local roads.

    Click here to view volume management measures for bicycle priority streets.

    What will the pilot look like?

    The pilot will run from August 30, 2021, until October 1, 2021. During the pilot, barriers will be placed at either end of each block from 3rd Street to Campbell Street. Signs will be erected indicating that the road will be closed, except to local traffic.  Space will be provided on either side of the barriers so that cyclists can pass and local resident can access their properties.  Access will also be preserved for emergency vehicles, waste collection, deliveries, transit, and other services.

    If permanently implemented, what would Maple Street look like?

    Staff will review public feedback from the survey and provide findings for Council consideration.  If approved for permanent implementation, the following would be installed:

    • Center median islands, right-in-right-out islands, directional closures and traffic circles would be installed to prohibit north-south through movements and to reduce traffic speeds.
    • Speed reduction to 40km/h.
    • Pavement markings and signs to indicate that Maple Street is a cycling route.

    Preliminary drawings of each intersection can be viewed here. It should be noted that these are preliminary in nature and are subject to change based on feedback from the public and various stakeholders. 

    Why choose Maple Street? Why not another street?

    This project was identified in the Town’s Cycling Plan, completed in October 2019 by Paradigm Transportation Limited.  Maple Street was selected for several reasons:

    • The Train Trail and River Trail provide good north-south cycling corridors on the east end of Town; however, no such north-south corridor exists on the west side of Town. Maple Street provides a continuous route that spans the length of the downtown within close proximity to Hurontario Street. 
    • Maple Street is a local roadway with a relatively low traffic volume of approximately 1200 vehicles per day. It also has existing intersection controls at the major intersections (6th Street and 3rd Street), connections to three schools, several churches, and local businesses.  
    • At the north limit, with a slight jog via 3rd Street to Pine Street, it will allow cyclists destined to the Harbourview Trail system to cross First Street at the signalized intersection at Pine Street. Future plans will see the installation of bike lanes along 3rd Street to help facilitate this jog and to connect Maple Street to the overall cycling network.
    • The south limit of Maple Street provides access to Findlay Drive and the Hamilton Drain Trail via the trail next to Elementary School Catholic Notre-Dame-De-La-Huronie.

    I live on Maple Street. What is changing for me?

    During the pilot project nothing will change. Maple Street will be open to ‘Local Traffic Only’ using temporary traffic control measures and signage. Municipal and County services such as garbage collection, emergency services, transit, and school buses will not be affected during the pilot project. If after the pilot, the project is deemed a success, permanent speed and volume measures will be implemented, similar to the attached preliminary drawings. These drawings will be modified and finalized based on public and stakeholder feedback.

    What are the traffic rules for a Bicycle Priority Street?

    All standard rules of the road apply.

    I use Maple Street to avoid a slower drive on Hurontario Street when I am driving across town. Can I still do that?

    No. The purpose of this project is to reduce vehicle traffic to ‘Local Traffic Only’ on Maple Street and provide a safer and more desirable route for cyclists.

    I love this idea! I hate this idea! What is the best way to voice my opinion?

    Please complete the survey to have your voice heard.