Grain Terminals Revitalization

The Town has retained KPMG consulting (“Advisor”) to provide comprehensive advisory services for the potential redevelopment and revitalization of the Collingwood Grain Terminals (“Terminals”) and the surrounding lands (“spit”), seeking to achieve the Town’s policy objectives for this area. This includes comprehensive advisory services ranging from procurement planning and project implementation, pending Council approval of the project.

The Advisor will provide best in class advice and guide the Town in preparing for an open market competitive bid process to attract innovative opportunities for the redevelopment of the Terminals and inform the development of the surrounding spit area. The Advisor will be a critical contributor to the engagement with potential developers and/or partners for the development of this project and is an expert in unique funding and collaboration approaches including a public-private partnership (“P3”) delivery model or like alternatives. The Advisor will provide strategic advice through the competitive procurement process, and the design, construction, and transition phases, as required.

The Town is intending to hold an open market competitive bid process to engage potential developers and/or partners for the revitalization of the Collingwood Grain Terminals and, through this, contribute to the revisioning of the surrounding spit area. The Terminals in their current form, may or may not be part of that development, but it is critical that the role that they have played in the evolution of the community and the region be fully researched, documented, and respected. As a preface to the retention of the Advisor and the market engagement, the Town completed a Built Heritage Assessment of the Terminals. The Built Heritage Assessment determined the cultural heritage value of the property and the facility to the community and recommended an overall approach to the conservation of the heritage resource.

The Town’s current comprehensive Waterfront Masterplan provides key insight into the vision for the Town’s waterfront resources. Although it does not define set outcomes for the Terminals, it does recognize the structure as a significant feature to be developed. It is important to note that the Vision set out in and the individual pillars of the recently updated Community Based Strategic Plan include improving public access to a revitalized world-class waterfront and encouragement of arts and culture amenities in the community.

There is a plethora of possible end states that have potential to provide broader public access and amenities and will improve and accentuate the Collingwood experience. The Town has not precluded any opportunities or directions and is committed to respecting the local heritage resources and ensuring public access to the waterfront for the people who live, work and play here.

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